Colonial Cup

  • Frothy Beard Brewing 1401 Sam Rittenberg Boulevard Charleston, SC, 29407 United States

Organizer: Ed Marquardt

Registrar: Willie Dasinger

Cellarmaster: Chris Wessel

Head Judge: Brent Brewer

Head Steward: Tim Mott

Sponsorship: Kris Stoddard

This is our annual AHA and BJCP sanctioned competition with 300+ entries. Expect the same great raffle, judging experience, freebies, and food in 2017!

Are you are a commercial brewer looking for a GABF ProAm opportunity? Winners are elegible, so contact us.

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Past Pics

Click to see past Colonial Cup pics

Click to see past Colonial Cup pics

March 18
March Meeting
April 15
Woody's Brew Day