<h1 id="FG2017"> Forever Grateful 2017 </h1>
Forever Grateful 2017
Total of 29 judged

Best of Show
PlaceNameClubEntry Name
1Andrew PinzhofferLowcountry LibationsBlondes Have More Fun
PlaceNameClubEntry Name
1Andrew PinzhofferLowcountry LibationsBlondes Have More Fun
HMNick Van HornBlack Cauldron
PlaceNameClubEntry Name
2Edward MarquardtLowcountry LibationsRosemary Pale Ale
3George AtkinTropic Thunder

Winners 2016

Honorable Mention: Ben Wright with his Cinnamon Toast Crunch Amber Ale
3rd Place: Justin Nightengale with a Baltic Porter
2nd Place: Joe Niedzwecki with his Percolating Brown Donut Hole
1st Place: Bill Lynch with his Hawaiian Porter

Congratulations to all the winners and to all whom entered the contest!!


Forever Grateful is held in remembrance of Grant Guthrie. He was a great friend, prolific home-brewer, and former president of Lowcountry Libations who passed away unexpectedly March 2015. While he brewed fantastic beer, he never entered a competition himself. In his words, he brewed beer that he wanted to drink, not necessarily to a specific style. With that in mind, this competition is open to specialty beer only, so be creative, a little crazy, and brew something that makes your heart sing. It's the only kind of competition Grant would have enjoyed.

Registration is limited to 100 entries total and is currently *closed*. Cost for entry is $7 and will be donated to Camp Happy Days. The winning beer will be brewed at Oak Road Brewery and served on premises. Exact date will be worked out between winner and Oak Road Brewing. There will be a party at the brewery during Charleston Beer Week where we will announce the winner and tap one of Grant's favorite beers.

Entry Rules: No Lacto soured beers or Pedio soured beers. No multi step decoction mashes. All entries must have descriptions of special ingredients or processes listed for judging.  Winner may need to be ok with hop substitutions, due to availability, for brewing at Oak Road. This is to be worked out between Oak Road and Winner.  Due to the above, the following 2015 BJCP Categories will not be accepted: 23A, 23B, 23C, 23D, 23E, 23F, 27A, 28A, 28B, 28C, 34A