President: Trevor Gildea

Trevor is a homebrewer of 6 years. His favorite thing about beer is foam. Stylistically he enjoys those which include malt, hops, and yeast. Water is his least favorite ingredient.

Vice President: Ben Wright

Ben has been brewing for 3 years, 1 as extract and 2 all-grain. One of his favorite parts of brewing is building and tinkering with his equipment: from keezers to fermentation chambers to the keggles and everything in between. Ben is the chair of the Barrel Committee and helps to usher in new projects and coordinate all the brewers who help to fill the used spirit and wine barrels.

Secretary/Treasurer: Chris Wessel

Chris has been brewing since 2001, a short 16 years. In that time he has progressed through Mr. Beer kits to extract kits , extract with partial mash and all grain. He currently enjoys creating new recipes as well as trying to recreate some of his favorite commercial beers. With a new found interest in sour beers he is now starting his learning/obsession with the style.