Chunkin Pumpkin

I've gotten a few questions about our Pumpkin beer recipe, so here it is, adapted to all-grain from Dan Beck's Chunkin Pumpkin Extract Recipe (below):

Grain Bill (mash at 154F for 60min):

US Pale Ale Malt 5lb 8oz

US 2-Row Malt 5lb 8oz

Belgian Aromatic Malt 8.00 oz

US Caramel 40L Malt 8.00 oz

US Caramel 120L Malt 8.00 oz

US Special Roast Malt 4.00 oz

Sugar - White Sugar/Sucrose 1lb 0oz


1 oz US Glacier 60 Min

1 oz US Glacier 30 Min


2 15oz cans of organic pumpkin to the boil at 20min. Be CAREFUL the pumpkin tends to cause A LOT of foaming.

2 oz mulling spice to the boil at 10 min.


Wyeast 1968-London ESB Ale @ 68 degrees for 2 weeks.

Target OG: 1.072 SG

Target FG: 1.011 SG


The pumpkin puree will settle as a thick layer on top of the flocculated yeast. Don't worry, there's plenty of pumpkin flavor still in the beer. Rack beer off the sediment into the keg and carbonate with 2-3 volumes CO2. The more pumpkin puree present in your keg, the more you will need to carbonate.

**Secret Pumpkin Pie version: same thing, but use 3 cans of pumpkin, 3oz mulling spice, and carbonate with 4 volumes. The idea here is to thicken up the beer with the pumpkin and let the extra carbonation give you a thick creamy head. Pro tip: ladies love the secret version.



This is the complete, unedited version of the original extract recipe:

Chunkin' Pumpkin Ale

Bring 4 Qt water to boil

add 1 oz Mt Hood Hops

Add Large Bag(7lbs) Dark Malt Extract Liquid

Add 8 Cups Dark Malt Extract Dry

Add (3) 12 oz cans Organic Pumpkin

Add 3 oz Pumpkin Pie Spice

Bring to Boil for 20 minutes, constantly stirring

Last 2 minutes of Boil, Add 1 oz Mt Hood complete the wort

In Fermenter,

Add 4 Gallons cooled water

Add wort

stir , cool to 74 degrees F

Add 1 packet dry ale yeast

cover/ place air lock and put in dark cool closet.

After 2 weeks we racked the beer

After another 2 weeks we racked the beer

After 1 more week we racked beer

Finally after 1 more week we racked the beer into bottling bucket

added 1 cup corn sugar to 3 cups water-boiled to liquify the sugar and added to bottling bucket.


made 718.5 oz, i.e 5.6 gallons

Beer came out: Dark brown in color, Good carbonation and Excellent in taste-creamy with a spicey aftertaste.