American Pale Ale with Rosemary

I've used this recipe three times so far and it has turned out great every time. The rosemary aroma/flavor starts out fairly potent but melds with the other aromas/flavors over time. You can leave the rosemary out and dry hop with an ounce of Willamette and Citra for a kick ass pale ale. I usually make 10 gallons at a time so half gets the rosemary and the other half is dry hopped.

OG 1.053 FG: 1.009


  • 7.5 lbs pale
  • 0.5lb C20
  • 0.1lb Special B
  • 0.5 Munich 2
  • 1lb sugar

60 minute - 0.7oz Super Galena 12%
Flameout - 1 oz Citra, 1oz Cascade, 1 oz Willamette

Yeast: Nottingham

After 2 weeks in the primary: I take an 8 inch long sprig of rosemary and remove all the needles, place the needles in a hop bag and sanitize them in star san. I add it to the primary for 3-4 days and taste. Keg/bottle when the rosemary aroma/flavor is to your liking.