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The Golden Age of Brewing

Thanks to the internet, beer lovers everywhere have access to styles, history, and techniques like never before. Our previous article, Brewing Information On the Interwebs, gives great resources to go far with your brewing, however many of us have fallen deeper into the rabbit hole. So deep we didn't eat one cookie, we ate the whole box. Hopefully this listing of interesting beer blogs will satiate those with curious appetites.

Internet: Blog City, USA

Beer Nerd Collective - Our very own club member, Max, juggles medical school, homebrewing, and love of beer daily. BNC is "for the homebrewers, the bottle sharers, the beer traders, the can release campers, and all others with an insatiable thirst for all things craft beer." Check out his recent White Lab Series of yeast reviews on Saison and NE IPA!

Brülosophy - Ingrained in the soul of every homebrewer is experimentation. These folks take a process or ingredient premise and brew side by side batches to compare. Imagine Mythbusters for homebrewing. You'll be surprised what points come back significant or not. Even if you walk away scratching your head on whether the variable 'matters', you'll come to learn brewing is a lengthy and robust process. Papazian was right all along, "Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew."

Mad Fermentationist - Perusing the blog is like peaking into someone else's prolific brew log; you'll find plenty of detailed recipes, thoughts, and tasting notes. Tonsmeire is the author of American Sour Beer but brews plenty of clean beer too including LOTS of NE IPAs. Before using some wacky ingredient, check to see if he's written about it! Tonsmeire is also going pro soon in the DC area.

Sour Beer Blog - big time sponsor of the Brewing Network's Sour Hour, Dr. Lambic is going pro in Pennsylvania with Mellow Mink! Hopefully he is able to keep up the steady stream of obsessively detailed sour beer articles. Reference Sour Beer Blog along with milkthefunk's wiki to stay up to date on best practices for sour beer making. 

Scott Janish - Scott's been putting out interesting beer info for years. From theoretical hop oil calculators to a "how to" compendium to his own digestion of scholarly articles on oxidized hop compounds effect on bitterness he's willing to get deep in the weeds. Not to mention plenty of recipes and brutal honesty in his tasting notes.

Appellation Beer - The blog of famous beer author Stan Hieronymus. He's put a lot of emphasis on hops ever since writing the Brewing Element book, For the Love of Hops, but he also chronicles his travels and anything else that pours with a head. My favorite nugget is the scoresheet of the Polish Homebrewers Association.

Shut Up About Barclay Perkins - Some might generalize his writing as 'historical' but that would be an oversimplification of Ron Pattison's approach. His bread and butter is digging through old brew logs and convincing modern brewers to brew the recipe. The blog is a wonderland of numbers, tables, travel, and jokes. It also offers links to his numerous books including War!Peace!, Bitter!, and Porter!, to name a few.

May Ye Live In Interesting Times

If the tales you're looking for aren't in these blogs, rabbit hole their links or comment a suggestion below. As Confucius once said, Cheers!