Liquid Love Me Long Time

David Holaday's PSOB 2016 Best of Show, American Barleywine, Barrel Project #10

Sponsored by  Two Blokes

Sponsored by Two Blokes

This is a mere child
— Rick Karem

TL;DR: Complete and unadulterated (11gal) Beersmith file and beer xml (via Brewscript, hit download). Adjust to your batch size and efficiencies with your favorite software.

Important Notes for this Recipe

  • Don't worry too much about the hop varieties but please use American ones, not British. Use the Summit from Two Blokes wherever you want. The LCL recommendation is to use high Alpha % varieties to target 100+ IBUs in the early (first wort, 60, 15 min) additions. Then use the provided weights in the late additions (1 min and dry hop).
  • Don't sweat the fractions of ounces, just round up or down as you see fit! Don't dry hop before the barrel. Save them for after.
  • Feel free to sub out a portion of the base malt with DME in the kettle if your mashton isn't big enough. 2.5 lb dry extract is about 3.5 lb of base malt. 
  • To quote David, "use a poopton of yeast". This equates to 1.5M cells/mL/degP. Set the 'Fermentation Type' to Lager when you calculate how much yeast you need on Mr. Malty. Even though this is an Ale, you need a lager-like amount of yeast aka a poopton. If you have a smaller beer on hand when you brew, that could be a good opportunity to repitch.
Liquid Love Me Long Time

Liquid Love Me Long Time

Recipe American Barleywine 2014 Style American Barleywine
Brewer David Holaday & Ed Marquardt Batch 6 gal (end of boil)
All Grain Single Infusion Efficiency 70%

Recipe Characteristics

Recipe Gravity 1.102 OG Estimated FG 1.025 FG
Recipe Bitterness 100+ IBU Alcohol by Volume 9.9%
Recipe Color 18° SRM Alcohol by Weight 7.7%
Mash Temp 152F Carbonation 2.3 volumes
Yeast WLP001


Quantity Grain SRM Use
21.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US 2 Mashed
1.14 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20L 20 Mashed
1.14 lb Crystal Malt - 60L (Thomas Fawcett) 60 Mashed
0.28 lb Special B Malt 180 Mashed
0.28 lb Chocolate Malt 350 Mashed
Quantity Hop (AA%) IBU Time
1.09 oz Nugget (10%) 20 First Wort
2.73 oz Galena (12%) 65 60 min
1.64 oz Centennial (10%) 16 15 min
1.64 oz Falconer's Flight 7C's Blend (9.5%) 2 1 min
1.64 oz Citra (12%) 2 1 min
0.55 oz Centennial (10%) 1 1 min
1.64 oz Cascade (5.5%) 1 1 min
0.55 oz Amarillo (9.2%) 1 1 min
2.18 oz Cascade (5.5%) ??? Dry Hop